SIEBA HUI 2024 - Key Note Speakers and Presenters

(This list is still being updated)

Kevin Biggar

Extreme Adventurer and Businessman

(Keynote Speaker)

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Jess Stuart

International Speaker, Coach and Author

(Keynote Speaker)

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Sarah-Kay Coulter

Chair for the Erana Kaunga Tuhara Whaanau Trust, University of Auckland

Topic: Fierce Hope - Kua haehae ngā hihi o Matariki

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Peter Petrichev

Managing Director of Regional Focus

Topic 1: A session on the fundamentals of new market entry and development

Topic 2: A global overview of potential to explore school sector markets

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Tim Condor

Partner at Holland Beckett, Tauranga Lawyers, Tauranga

Topic 1: Enrolment, Legal Matters & Terminating Contracts

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Michael Leach

Business Consultant - Education Solutions NZ

Topic: Inspiring Leadership - Leading an International Programme, Motivating and Inspiring Staff

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Pam Hunt

International Director at Hillmorton High School, Christchurch

Topic 1: Enrolment Processes and Academic Pathways

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Cheryl English

Business Manager - Shirley Boys High School and Avonside Girls High School, Christchurch

Topic: Getting to Grips with International Finances

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Chris Beard

Director, ISANA New Zealand

Topic: Supporting Host Families with Cross-Cultural Challenges

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Anne Casey

CEO- Marketing Minds

Topic: LinkedIn for Global Success: Unleash Your Visibility and Network Potential in International Student Recruitment

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Ting Xu

Director of International Students, Sacred Heart College, Auckland

Topic: Marketing in China - Case Studies

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Andrew King

Principal, Oropi School, Tauranga

Topic: The Cornerstone of International Education in Primary Schools

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Misook Kim Rylev

International Student Director, Rosmini College, Auckland

Topic: Marketing and Brand Awareness

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Helen Fitzimmons

Homestays Manager, Kerikeri High School

Topic: Accommodation Panel

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Gay Foley

Director of International Students, St Dominic's College, Auckland

Topic: Off-Shore Marketing - "Collaboration not Competition" Why Working and Travelling with Other International Directors is Beneficial

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Edna McKenna

Director of International Students, Botany Downs Secondary College

Topic: Homestay Recruitment - Using Automation Tools and Removing Barriers to Onboarding Host Families

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Samantha De Coning

Head of Practice - Fairway Resolution

Topic: Student Complaints and Management and the Role of the New DRS

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John van der Zwan

Executive Director, SIEBA

Topic: Student Welfare -The one time it is best to have all your eggs in one basket

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Tanya Corrigan

International College Homestay Co-Ordinator, St Dominic's Catholic College & Liston College

Topic: Accommodation Panel - Best Practice & Sharing Session 

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Chris Klaasen

Director of International Students, Avondale College and Director of the New Zealand Olympic Foundation

Master of Ceremony 

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Wendy Reid

International Director, Mount Roskill Grammar School

Topic: Effective Elevator Pitches

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Ivan Yeo

Deputy Director at Asian Family Services

Topic: Navigating Culture Shock & Turbulent Waters in Pastoral Care. Strategies for Empowering Student Wellbeing 

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Gabrielle Loga

International Relations Manager, Papaioea, Palmerston North City

Topic: Regional Collaboration and International Education

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Julia McGahan

Director of International Students, Westlake Boys High School

Topic: Agent Engagement - Strategies for Growing your International Business 

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Simon Stephenson

Member Service Manager

Topic: Unlocking SIEBA's Offerings - A Comprehensive Workshop on Available Services and Solutions

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Sarah MacDonald

Member Engagement Lead, Diversity Works NZ

Topic: Improving Cultural Intelligence 

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Julie Manche

Chief Executive Officer - Global Homestay Network (GHN)

Topic: Accommodation Panel

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Scott Henderson

Business Development Manager, NZET - New Zealand Educational Tours

Topic: Should I stay or should I go? Student motivations to come to, stay in and leave New Zealand 

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Gill Thompson-Flatt

International College Homestay
Co-ordinator, Kirstin School

Topic: Homestay Recruitment and Retention

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Annette Roff

International Director, Tauranga Boys' College

Topic: Agent Engagement - Strategies and Tips on Growing your International Business 

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Annemieke Hart

Director of International Students, Tauranga Intermediate School

Topic: Best Practice Panel - Primary and Intermediate Schools

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Gavin Millar

Director International Students, Nayland College

Topic: Orientation Programmes & Best Starts

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Jessica Chen

International Manager, The University of Auckland

Topic: Cultivating Collaborative Partnerships

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Kerri Doy

International Director, Craighead Diocesan School

Topic: Enhancing Student Experience By Creating a Student Centered Approach

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Linda Sissons

Acting Chief Executive of Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao

Topic: Open Plenary Session

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Reo Tanaka

Team Leader - International Quality Assurance Division, NZQA

Topic: The Code & Accommodation

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Mary Camp

Business Development Manager at Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao

Topic: Empowering Schools: Unlocking the Potential of Education NZ's Services with Mary Camp

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Trudy Freeman

Director of International Students, Carmel College

Topic: Developing Global Citizens in Schools and the New Zealand International Strategy 2022-2030

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Jessica Donovan

Director of International Students, Kerikeri High School

Topic: Orientation Programmes & Best Starts

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Akari Anfield

Economic Development Advisor, Enterprise Dunedin

Topic 1: Regional Collaboration and International Education

Topic 2: Enhancing the Student & Host Family Experience

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Julie Elliot

Assistant Principal and International at Columba College

Topic: Boarding Hostels & International Students 

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Marcelo Carneiro

Director of International Students, Wakatipu High School

Topic: Addressing Wellbeing and Mental Health Issues Among International Students 

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Lin Zhang

Educational Consultant, Lin Enterprise

Topic: Marketing and Branding- Telling your Brand Story and Developing a Marketing Strategy 

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Lynne Mossop

International Director, Green Park School

Topic : Best Practice Panel - Primary & Intermediate Schools

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Louise Silvester


International Director, Avonside Girls High School

Topic : Supporting Homestay Families with Cross-Cultural Challenges

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Prue Isaacs

 International Student Director, Wellington High School

Topic : Offshore Marketing Collaboration - "Collaboration not Competition"

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Stefi Porter

 Regional Manager, International Education

Topic : Regional Collaboration and International Education

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Maxine Ma

 International Student Advisor. International Office of the University of Auckland 

Topic : Enhancing Student & Homestay Experience

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Maz Roberts

 Director of International Students, Mount Maunganui College 

Topic 1: Transfer of Care - Independent Travel to School

Topic 2: Transfer of Care - November Programme - Delivering a quality and Fiscally Responsible End of Year Programme for Students not Sitting NCEA Exams 

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Sue King

 International Director, St Mary's College, Auckland 

Topic: Global Citizenship Start-up

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Julie Sommerville

 Hausch & Partners - New Zealand Representative 

Topic: Cultivating Collaborative Partnerships

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Jeff Zheng

 Immigration Consultant, Auckland 

Topic: Building Collaborative Partnerships - Insights from Different Markets

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Amelia Morrison

International Director, Whangarei High School

Topic: Supporting Homestay Families with Cross-cultural Challenges

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Katia Lustosa

Director of Discovery Study & Travel, Auckland

Topic: Building Collaborative Partnerships: Insights from Different Markets

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Kei Ando

Director of JTC NZ Limited, Christchurch

Topic: Building Collaborative Partnerships - Insights from Different Markets

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Lisa Garrett

International Department Manager, Avonside Girls High School

Topic: Managing Difficult Situations in Homestay

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