In New Zealand all schools who host international students must be signatories to The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. The code requires that each school makes sure that the agents they worked with have been referenced checked before the school can work with that agent.

For many schools reference checking is a time-consuming process. As well as this, if an agent is referenced checked by multiple schools, then each of those schools needs to individually contact the agents referees.

However, an agent only needs to be referenced checked once by SIEBA, then all our members will be able to see that this check has been done and will not need to do the check again for themselves. This saves time and hassle for the schools and for the agents references. All agents who have been referenced checked by us will appear on a list for all our members to see on the website.

This list will be available once our agent platform is up and running.