Overview of The Enrolment Service


The Enrolment Service is a new service available to all members schools. It aims to assist schools looking for assistance with their enrolment administration. The key elements of this service are:

  • It is an opt-in service meaning schools can choose to use the service.
  • The service is available to primary, intermediate, and secondary schools.
  • The Enrolment Service is only available to member schools. An enrolment fee will be charged for each enrolment using the service.
  • SIEBA will provide training to prepare schools to use the service and understand compliance implications relating to the Code.
  • The Enrolment Service will manage the process from enquiry to enrolment and schools will take over thereafter, including details of student arrival.
  • Schools will continue to manage the promotion and marketing of their own school, deciding which students are to be enrolled, and for the pastoral care of students.
Sign-up Requirements

When schools choose to use this service, there are a few things they will need to do:

  • Sign an agency agreement between the school and SEIBA.
  • Fill out a form providing key information for SIEBA to create a school profile to include information such as fees, location, school features, entry requirements, year levels, and school roll.
  • Provide the school logo and any additional marketing materials or other documents the school would like to share with prospective students.
  • Inform SIEBA on whether the school wishes to book student insurance, or whether SIEBA is to do so, and whether the school permits the students to arrange their own insurance.
  • Provide information to enable the school’s agents to be entered into the enrolment platform.
  • Provide information on insurance.
  • Update the school’s website international page(s).
The Enrolment Service Flowchart

Fees and Invoicing
  • After the school receives payment of tuition from the student or agent, it will inform SIEBA within 48 hours.
  • If SIEBA is arranging insurance, this cost will have been charged to the student along with other fees and paid to the school.
  • Once the student has paid the fees, SIEBA will invoice the school for the enrolment fee of $500 plus GST.
  • This fee is independent of the agent fee, and agents sending students to a school through this service will still be entitled to a commission.
  • Once the school provides student travel dates, SIEBA will book the insurance policy and provide a copy for school records and for schools to facilitate insurance claims.


 Agent Engagement 

Schools will continue to build and maintain relationships with agents and monitor and manage the conduct of their agents. However, for the purpose of enrolment, SIEBA will have an agreement with the agent and ensure all Code requirements relating to agent reference checking and monitoring are met on behalf of the school.



To comply with The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021, schools must undertake an annual self-review and attest to NZQA that this is done. To assist the school in their review, SIEBA will provide schools with information and feedback pertaining to activities undertaken by SIEBA on behalf of the school, as part of enrolment administration processes and engagement with agents. Schools may include this information and feedback as part of their self-review.


Get in Touch

If you are interested in this service, please contact Simon at simon@sieba.nz