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Learning Spaces Global

LSG is a NZ family owned and oporated company that designs and manufactures biophilic furniture products to bring the outdoors indoors, creating calming and stimulating learning environments for students to learn and teachers to teach.

It has never been more that learning environments are a feel safe places. We create calming natural learning spaces that support all learning styles and increase focus through natural tones we reflect ion our quality products.

Our servises include: 3D design/layout of learning spaces, Fit-outs, face-to-face visits, funding support, lifetime service guarantee, 

Our product rangers include: Shelving/storage, tables/chairs, soft-furnishings, moveable/flexibale furniture, acoustics, bispoke/custom design, Outdoor equipment, Learning trees.


Silas Woodman

Accounts manager  

Email: silas.woodman@lsg.co.nz

Phone: 021538123