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AEAS has been an industry leader in the provision of high quality assessment services for international school students since 1985.

AEAS offers six essential services for international students and the schools that enrol them.

  1. Pre admission testing: individual student English language proficiency and ability testing with the assessment profile presented in a three page report
  2. Commencement testing: for individuals or groups of students who have completed an English language course, prior to mainstream entry
  3. Benchmark testing: the English language progress of current student cohorts (ie. by year level)
  4. AEAS Practice Tests – hard-copy practice materials and online
  5. AEAS School Preparation Course
  6. The Official AEAS Test Preparation Course

Developed in Australia, the AEAS Test transcends borders. It offers exceptional value to school students of all nationalities for whom English is not their first language or language of instruction at their current school.

Why test with AEAS?

Strengthening your school’s admissions and commencement process for international students and applicants with non-English speaking background, is a simple way to boost your school’s academic performance. AEAS Testing is the most reliable and widely accepted means by which to assess incoming students’ English language skills and general ability at application and/or upon commencement.

AEAS Testing can assist schools to significantly improve students’ academic outcomes, and can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of teachers in progressing student learning.

The stronger your students’ English language skills are upon commencement, the better academic results will be achieved by each graduating cohort. Not only will students then be able to access their tertiary institutions and courses of choice, they will be considerably more likely to achieve success beyond school and into their professional careers.
In turn, this benefits the reputation and goodwill towards your school.