The Enrolment Service and Other SIEBA Services (Christchurch)

1:45 PM
3:15 PM

Christchurch Golf Club, 45 Horseshoe Lake Road, Shirley, Christchurch, Christchurch, 8640

SIEBA is offering a presentation to explore how The Enrolment Service and other services work and what benefits they offer your school.

We are pleased to have launched The Enrolment Service, which will enable schools to direct administrative tasks relating to enrolment to us. This service will be voluntary and allow schools to better allocate their international resources to marketing and promotion, student learning and pastoral care. The service will only be available to SIEBA members and schools can pass the cost of the service on to students.

This presentation will be given by Simon Stephenson, SIEBA's Member Services Manager. The goal is to explore how this new service works in detail and discover what benefit it might provide for your school.

We can also answer general questions from schools considering joining SIEBA or becoming signatories, or wanting to know about SIEBA's other services.